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What's the deal?


We're running three masterclasses - held on successive Monday evenings - which will each last 90 minutes and be limited to a total of 10 delegates per session.  

Who's running it?

Me!  Jonathan Overend!  You may have heard me on the radio; now I run NinetyFour19 and this is something new for us...


How much will it cost?


Each masterclass will cost £40+VAT.  A booking for all three sessions costs £100 +VAT and includes a free pass to the series-ending Open Q&A.  

What will you be covering?

We'll deal with live sport presenting skills, commentary techniques and advice plus 'advanced' interviewing; that's to say thinking about the power of your questions...

Can anyone join?

Absolutely, yes!   Everyone is welcome!  All you'll need is the ability to join on Zoom... and a notepad!

Do I need any experience in broadcasting?

Absolutely, no!  When I started out, I had no experience at all.  This industry is all about making contacts, picking up tips along the way, listening and learning...

Is it only for people in the industry?

No, that's the point.  Life is all about learning new skills; most of these skills are transferable across many industries.  You'd be amazed!

Who are the "special guests?"

Now that would be telling :-)    I'll be getting some of my favourite broadcasters to join these sessions for about 10-15 minutes to answer some of your burning questions!

What if I genuinely can't afford it?

Please email me directly at  If you're genuinely passionate, finances shouldn't be a barrier.  I'd still love to help you out.

How do I book?


Please click here to send an enquiry. Or press "RSVP" on the invites on the main page.

I see a picture of Usain Bolt!  Is he coming??

No.  I mean, he's welcome, but he's not coming.

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